Revitalization of Downtown Tacoma

Tacoma Self Storage is proud to be part of the revitalization of downtown Tacoma, Washington. With steel and concrete throughout this landmark Tacoma building located at 2602 Holgate St., Tacoma Self Storage opened the state of the art facility to the public in the heart of the brewery district in 2007, dedicated to residential and commercial business. The Tacoma Self Storage facility holds all sizes of storage lockers for public residential and commercial use, providing all the amenities for your storage move. Contact us today for a reservation in one of our clean and easy access storage units Tacoma.

Our History

The famous Tacoma Ice Company cold storage building located in the historic brewery district, was once slated for a date with a wrecking ball, was transformed in 2006 into the storage business now known as Tacoma Self Storage. Tacoma Ice Co. plant at 2602 So. Holgate Street was built in 1923, designed by A.W. Sterrett, and is on the Tacoma City Registry. The cold storage building’s ice plant was the first portion built in 1923 for $250,000. It had the capacity to produce as much as much as 90 tons of ice daily and used 40 miles of piping. The cold storage warehouse was completed in 1925 for $90,000. At that time the firm employed 40 people and manufactured over 100 tons of ice daily. The Tacoma Ice Co. cold storage building was cooled by ammonia refrigerant using over 10 miles of refrigerating coils throughout the structure. The company had a total of 500,000 cubic feet of cold storage units Tacoma vault space at the main plant location on Holgate.